Sir William Montagu Scott McMurdo, G.C.B.

Extract from Hart's Army List of 1894:

"Sir William McMurdo served as Assistant Quarter Master General of the Army under Sir Charles Napier during the campaign in Scinde in 1843, and was present in the battle of Meeanee - in which his horse was shot under him - affair with the enemy while conducting Major Stack's Brigade from Muttaree to form a junction with Sir Charles Napier's force at Hydrabad; and the battle of Hydrabad, where he received a sabre wound in the right breast (Medal with two Clasps).  He again served as Assistant Quarter Master General to Sir Charles Napier during the campaign against the Mountain and Desert Tribes situated on the right bank of the Indus, early in 1845.

"Served as Assistant Adjutant General, Queen's Troops under Sir Charles Napier in 1851-52 in the expedition against the Affreedies, including the forcing of the Kohat Pass (Medal with Clasp).  Served in the Eastern Campaign as Director General, Land Transport Corps (Medal with Clasp for Sebastopol, Officer of the Legion of Honour, 4th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal)."

When General McMurdo died, he was the Colonel of the  The Cheshire Regiment (formerly 22nd.) , an honorary post he had held since 3 June 1888.

His career was as follows:

Ensign   1 July 1837
Lieutenant   5 January 1841
Captain   7 July 1843
Brevet Major   18 February 1848
Brevet Lt. Colonel   21 October 1853
Colonel   28 November 1854
Major General   6 March 1868
Lt. General   10 February 1876
General   20 May 1878

The Army Museum in Chelsea, London holds the following decorations:

    Scinde Campaign Medal 1843
    Indian General Service Medal 1854-55
    Crimean War Medal 1854-56
    Volunteer Officers Decoration 1892
    Legion of Honour (France) c.1855
    Order of the Mejidie (Turkey) c.1855
    Turkish Crimean War Medal 1855
    National Rifle Association Medal 1860-94
    22nd Foot and others.

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